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18-29 June

Royal College
of Art Graduate

The Royal College of Art has a deserved reputation for excellence in research and innovation, and a remit – embodied in its Royal Charter – to take that innovation out into industry and engage with real-world issues. 2013/14 is notable for the number of graduating MPhil and PhD students – 25 in total – as well as groundbreaking student projects that seek to expand practice and policy within their disciplines, many of which are represented here in Show RCA 2014. 

Established in 2012 and showing here for the first time are the programmes of Information Experience Design, Interior Design and Service Design.

Show RCA 2014 is presented across the College’s two campuses: Battersea and Kensington. This year, some 575 Master’s, MPhil and PhD students graduate from the six Schools of the RCA. 

As ever, the breadth, quality and originality of projects at the RCA’s annual Show is inspiring and energising. On behalf of the staff and faculty of the Royal College of Art, we offer our sincere congratulations to the graduands of 2014.

Dr Paul Thompson