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Hans Stofer
Professor Hans Stofer

We encourage an open-minded approach that in principle embraces all materials. But it is metal that constitutes the technological core of our subject and we believe that a deepening understanding of the metal elements is key in these developments: the Periodic Table is our reference in expanding our activity within the subjects of jewellery and metalwork.


Jewellery & Metal, Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery events


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  • Inderjeet Sandhu

    Inderjeet Sandhu

    Previously, I studied Fashion Management at Amsterdam Fashion Institute and started working in PR. I was already in London by the time I applied to the RCA. I’d always wanted to do something more creative and make stuff, and knew this would be around body adornment – things that you’d like to wear

  • Palette with 24 'Couleurs Vitrifiables'

    Stephen Knott

    I studied as a historian at UCL from 2003-6, undergraduate, and then did an MA part-time. I was also working at the Royal Academy on their architecture programme. My study was from an historian perspective and not very artistic




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