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Dr Sarah Teasley & Dr Marta Ajmar

The V&A/RCA History of Design programme is internationally recognised as the leading centre for the postgraduate study of the history of design. We offer the opportunity to study design and material culture in all its aspects, from the early fifteenth century to the present day, across global geographies 



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  • Juliana Kei

    Juliana Kei

    I’m now in my second year of research at the Royal College of Art, after which I’ll do a transfer exam to move onto PhD. My topic is the British architect Theo Crosby, who co-founded an interdisciplinary design firm called Pentagram. I wanted to do the research within the History of Design programme instead of an architectural history or theory programme, because it allows me to ask questions that are more cross-disciplinary.

  • Hollie Chung

    Hollie Chung

    Before I came to the Royal College of Art, I studied History of Art at the University of York. I’d done specialised modules in Italian Renaissance art history and was unsure what to do next. All the Master’s degrees I was looking into had a very traditional art historical approach – they all seemed a bit old-fashioned and stale. By chance, I came across the V&A/RCA History of Design programme. I’d never heard of it before, so I asked my undergraduate tutors and they told me the programme had a great reputation.

  • Jennifer Wong

    Jennifer Wong, MA History Of Design, 2010-12

    I was always interested in objects but had studied the history of art, which is really only just fine art and paintings and nothing else. Then one of the professors on my BA, Sarah Teasley, had moved to the Royal College of Art. She taught art history but incorporated a history of design method, which I thought was interesting. 

  • Emily Candela

    Emily Candela, PhD History Of Design, 2011-present

    I did two masters degrees – one in fine art and the other in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing and Jewellery, which I continued to do up until several years ago. In between I worked in gallery education and on various art projects. Then I did an MRes London Consortium multi-disciplinary programme.



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