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Jo Stockham
Professor Jo Stockham

Print is unstable and vast as a category; this makes it rich with contradiction and meaningful possibility. Images found on the internet, the diagram, the map or the archive hold as much fascination for us as those found in galleries


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  • Meg Rahaim

    Meg Rahaim

    Where I’m from in the States, it’s kind of unusual to do a practice-led, fine art PhD. When I finished my MA, I went straight into teaching at a local university, where I had done my undergraduate degree. Teaching was a great experience, and I really enjoyed being an academic, but I realised to do a PhD, I needed more

  • Holly Antrum

    Holly Antrum

    I came out of my Painting BA at Wimbledon not technically a painter. I spent the next three years pursuing my own practice alongside working in various arts organisations, sure that I wanted to do an MA but looking for the right one



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