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Dale Harrow
Professor Dale Harrow

Vehicle Design at the RCA is the world’s leading centre for vehicle design education and research, with a forty-year history in spearheading the thinking of this discipline



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  • Pauline Mariotti

    Pauline Mariotti

    The approach at the RCA is completely different. My undergraduate degree had a very strict, academic approach with homework to hand in, and so on. Here, it feels like a step between academia and the working world; there’s more freedom, but you’re in the studio every day working on your own projects, and you’re not so closely monitored. 

  • Sangmin Lee

    Sangmin Lee

    I studied Industrial Design in Seoul, Korea. After graduating, I got a job straight away at an automobile company in Korea. I worked there for three years, focusing on interior design. I learned a lot, as there are many skilful and experienced designers there, but I wasn’t fully satisfied. 

  • Ido Baruchin

    Ido Baruchin

    Starting the course was a whole new world – I had never sketched a car before, so I’ve had to learn a new set of skills

  • Sheila Clark

    Sheila Clark

    I wanted to apply my materials knowledge to the specific arena of automotive interiors, looking at better uses of materials for people and the environment




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