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Design Interactions

Head of programme

Professor Sharon Baurley
Professor Sharon Baurley

The Design Interactions programme explores new roles, contexts and approaches for interaction design in relation to the social, cultural and ethical impact of existing and emerging technologies.



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  • Luke Sturgeon

    Luke Sturgeon

    Over the summer between first and second-year, I'm doing a 2-month residency in Spokane in Washington state. I’m working on an installation – it’s an extension to a project I did at the Royal College of Art last year, which I felt I wanted to develop further.

  • Louis Buckley

    Louis Buckley

    Design Interactions is about using the medium of design to explore science and technology, often projecting into the future. It might be looking at nanotechnology or genetics, and is a way of exploring what would be palatable or ethical, or the political implications.



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